Our Story

Our Story

Powered by Our ROE to Deliver Your ROI

Mojo Media Lab CEO, Michael Rose, founded Mojo on a simple premise: understand our clients’ vision and goals and turn them into reality. In the pursuit of this mission, Rose conducted extensive research on Inbound Marketing, tweaking the outcome until he created several powerful scientific formulas for achieving every goal.

Michael’s background as a biochemist contributed to the effectiveness of his process, thanks to a methodical mind, great analytical reasoning, and process-oriented skills. His background includes working for several years at Alcon Laboratories, honing these skills while developing vision solutions. Then in 1997 his third-generation “e-gene” (entrepreneur gene) kicked in, and he left biochemistry to launch his own companies, including Mojo Media Labs.

Along the way, Michael developed several theories about achieving peak results in the workplace, including the groundbreaking methodology he calls ROE®, which stands for Return on Energy®. He even wrote a book about it called, ROE Powers ROI – The Ultimate Way to Think and Communicate for Ridiculous Results. Today he leads workshops and is a sought-after speaker.


ROE® or Return On Energy® is a methodology that takes our clients’ visions and turn them into reality. You need an inbound agency that not only tactically executes your vision, but also creates an overarching strategy that intelligently guides those tactics — and makes sure they are all moving in the right direction, towards accomplishing your vision. This methodology allows us to prevent RAM (random acts of marketing), which is a waste of time and money.

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Michael applies the principles he espouses in his book to his own businesses. For example, he challenges his staff members to use both the right and left sides of their brains, so they can think and communicate both analytically and creatively. Achieving this goal gives our creative scientists the opportunity to combine outstanding creative with a business-solution-oriented approach to work — which ensures Mojo’s clients gain compelling Inbound Marketing campaigns that both grab prospects’ attention and impact the bottom line.

Michael likes to say that Mojo is “Powered by ROE™.” And by focusing on ROE®, the Mojo team is ideally equipped to focus on our customers ROI — and expend the energy needed to deliver ROI. In this way, Mojo achieves the ideal right-and-left brain business result — attention-getting Inbound Marketing campaigns that hit the bullseye every time.