Inbound 2013 Pickup Lines

Pick-Up Lines for INBOUND13 — [Info]Graphic Content

A bunch of marketers in a conference hall together for three days- It can only mean trouble. While Mojo is all about professional growth, we’re also passionate, passionate lovers…

Of wordplay.

In honor of the exciting Hubspot INBOUND13 Conference, we created some great pick-up lines to move your crush down the funnel- If you know what we mean.  While we don’t guarantee success with any of these lines, feel free to try your luck with them at Inbound 2013. We will be.

Watch out, Arianna Huffington. We’re a svelt young agency, and we’re gonna get graphic. Check it out-

9 thoughts on “Pick-Up Lines for INBOUND13 — [Info]Graphic Content”

  1. Okay–this is hilarious. I hope I get to see you guys at #INBOUND13. Why isn’t Mojo a featured speaker?

    1. Thanks for the comment DigitalGuru…I’m sure you will find some Mojo t-shirts hanging around at a bar somewhere…meet you there!

  2. Okay, Digital Guru–that’s hilarious! We’ll see you at the conference. Be on the lookout for our #InboundPickups hashtag on Twitter and follow @MojoMediaLabs to see where we are hanging out. We’ll be at Club Inbound for sure!

    1. Sure, David, but first I’ll have to read your terms of service. . . 😉

      If I were any more excited for Inbound13, I’d be a ground-state particle combined with a photon–see you there!!!!

  3. Oh, my… Your CTA is so… Big! I can’t say no to your smart form request. I’ll give you anything you want as long as you promise to nurture me with your quality content that is segmented to my persona… It’s the little things that show me you care. Love, your new SQL.

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