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content marketing, inbound marketing

My Life at Mojo as an Intrepid Inbound Marketing Intern

As someone who has always had a little bit of interest in a lot of things, it has always been rather difficult to find my place. Teachers struggled to pin me to a strength or subject in school—which was probably a good thing because I wasn’t limited by any innate biases. I loved to read, […]

content marketing, inbound marketing

Compelling Content = Engaging Content Marketing

Make your content compelling. Create engaging content. Distribute content that your readers will find useful. We all know the cliches. But content should be goal driven, and the only way to measure whether or not certain content is meeting certain goals is to measure data. The only way to measure data is through analytics. Content […]

inbound not just for leads you know

Inbound Recruitment: Leverage Your Database of Hiring Prospects

You’ve created a community of fans of your culture. They’re your followers on social media, visitors to your website, and friends and contacts of your current employees. They’ve become engaged admirers of the culture you’ve created and the work you produce. You track them, measure their activity, use analytics to show their interest in your […]